14-year-old coder develops Winterval Festival app

By: December 3, 2013
Jordan Casey Jordan Casey

14-year-old Waterford coder Jordan Casey, who became famous as one of the youngest app developers in Europe, has built a new free app for visitors to the Winterval Festival, which is taking place in Waterford from November 29 to December 31.

Casey is the CEO of Casey Games which currently has seven games on the App Store. He has travelled the world to major tech conferences including the TEDx conference in New Delhi, the Cannes Lions festival, the Bett education conference in London and the European Pirate Summit in Cologne, the Festival of Games and The Next Web conference in Amsterdam.

In May this year he presented at the 20th TiEcon conference in California, where he talked to the CEOs of LinkedIn, Amazon, Netflix and PayPal. Casey has also just launched Teachware a new cloud app aimed at teachers to help them manage information about their students.

The thirty-day ‘Winterval’ Festival, dubbed ‘Ireland’s Christmas Festival’, takes place from November 29 to December 23 and December 27 to December 31.