Google’s 2013 Zeitgeist shows Irish very curious about ‘twerking’

By: December 17, 2013
2013 - the year 'of 'twerking' is finally (hopefully) coming to a close 2013 - the year 'of 'twerking' is finally (hopefully) coming to a close

Google’s annual Zeitgeist looks at the top trending and most popular search terms among Irish users.

This year’s Zeitgeist reveals Irish people were very curious to know what ‘twerking’ is, and how to deal with the pesky ‘property tax’.

The personalities Irish people wanted to know more about include Oscar Pistorius, Nigella Lawson, Nelson Mandela and the late Paul Walker.

‘Breaking Bad’ was the top trending TV show, while the most searched for sports team was the British & Irish Lions.

The second most asked question on Google in Ireland, in 2013, was ‘What is love?’. Hopefully Google was able to answer this by guiding people towards Haddaway.

Here’s the UK Zeitgeist – at least Lou Reed gets a mention.

Top Trending Searches
Paul Walker
Cory Monteith
Property Tax
Royal Baby
Oscar Pistorius
Eurovision 2013
Nelson Mandela
Oxegen 2013

Top Trending People
Paul Walker
Cory Monteith
Oscar Pistorius
Nelson Mandela
Margaret Thatcher
Nigella Lawson
James Gandolfini
Pope Francis
Amanda Bynes
Donal Walsh

Top Trending TV Shows
Breaking Bad
Game of Thrones
Eurovision 2013
Big Brother 2013
X Factor 2013
Operation Transformation 2013
Rose of Tralee
Britain’s Got Talent
I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

Top Trending sports personalities
Conor McGregor
Gareth Bale
Oscar Pistorius
Alex Ferguson
David Moyes
Niall Donoghue
Mesut Ozil
Thiago Alcantara
Wayne Rooney

Top Trending Sports Teams
Dublin GAA
Cork City FC
Liverpool FC
Celtic FC
Derry City FC
Clare Hurling GAA team
Drogheda United

Top Trending Words
Harlem Shake
Grumpy Cat

Top Trending What is…?
What is twerking
What is love
What is anxiety
What is gluten
What is illuminati
What is gout
What is fracking
What is autism
What is cilantro
What is lupus