Eight great tools for content producers

By: January 20, 2018
tools for content producers The art of creating great content hasn't changed, it's how you get that content in front of people that has changed utterly - a terrible beauty is born

If you are working in content creation you will be familiar with most of the tools below. However, if you are starting a blog for your business and want to know what people are saying about your business sector, then this list of tools for content producers will prove useful.

1. Buffer
Buffer is a fantastic scheduling tool, but it’s also a great source for content relating to social media, marketing and other topics. You can also use the Buffer ‘suggestions’ tab to schedule highly-curated pieces of content and have them tweeted directly from your account over the course of each day. Useful for busy people who want to grow their Twitter followers and appear as thought leaders in their area of expertise.

2. Newswhip
Newswhip tracks the sharing of all content on social networks. The platform instantly identifies trending stories, engaging writers and key influencers in thousands of niches and locations. Newswhip’s ‘Spike’ service for journalists, content producers and marketers tracks social network activity around millions of stories each day and allows users to predict what stories will be huge, before others hear about them. A very useful tool for anyone working in content.

3. Buzzsumo
Buzzsumo is a content search tool that will show you the hottest tweets and content related to any search topic. Enter your search term and you can browse the most popular tweets about that topic from the past 24 hours to the past year. Very useful.

4. Hashtagify
Hashtagify calls itself the “most advanced Twitter hashtag search engine” – and with over 50 million hashtags in its data banks, it certainly is powerful. You can use this tool to search for popular hashtags related to your industry or niche, and include them in your tweets or use hashtags to perform Twitter searches, and see what others are currently tweeting about.

5. Hashtags.org
Another great hashtag search engine is Hashtags.org. Here, you can get an quick view of the most popular/trending hashtags at that point in time. You can also enter any hashtag in its search engine to get basic data about how popular it is, other related hashtags and more.

6. HootSuite
HootSuite is a robust social media tool. As a dashboard, it enables scheduling, team collaboration, analytics and more. HootSuite also provides content suggestions, similar to Buffer, that are only available to paid users.

7. Storify
Storify allows you to collect social posts and weave them into a story. There are currently over two million stories on the service. By browsing Storify’s trending stories, you can get a good glimpse of what’s popular on social media in real-time, and use this to inform your own content.

8. Triberr
Triberr is a network where bloggers and other content producers share their content with each other, sparking conversations and social endorsements.
By creating an account, you can not only earn more exposure for the content you create, but you can also get inspired by the most popular stories being shared by other creators.

(H/T to SocialTimes)