I got spammed and I liked it – Accidental Spam Buddies

By: March 13, 2015
AccidentalSpamBuddies I got spammed and I like it

Something happened this week. Something that added a bit more humanity to this crazy world.

I was spammed.

The email came in on March 11 at 5.00pm from a guy called James. It read:


I’m from Rainy Monster. I can design a website starting at €200. A pleasing website is needed in order to change your website views to actual sales, etc. We also do apps, games, videos, flyers, and even more.

You can view our website at – rainymonster.com.

Rainy Monster.

I opened it because someone (no names mentioned) replied to everyone on the cc list with the words:

Thanks for the email database. Please don’t do it again.

Then someone else replied to everyone with:

Please don’t email Spam advertising. Delete me from your database.

And then others joined in, berating the young chap who sent the email (James is 16 it turns out). It all looked like it was going to get ugly. Until a nice chap (I shall call him Kevin) replied to everyone with:

Please stop ‘replying to all’ people. Give the young lad a break too, his LinkedIn page probably has never had so many views. All publicity is good publicity(?)

Then the tone of the replies got a little softer. One nice guy (he shall be called Anthony), replied to everyone with:

As someone said earlier, a fun distraction on this fine Wednesday evening. I don’t do web sites, but I could make you a damn fine fried egg sandwich if you called by.

Then pretty soon we got a reply from someone quite angry, saying:

I’m suing all of you for being in violation of the data protection act. See y’all in court!

But then a little more levity was introduced to this newly formed group with someone replying:

Anthony, I would prefer a Saas model. Sandwich as a service.

Pretty soon the thread had a name. #AccidentalSpamBuddies.

Some even pitched business ideas. A guy from DropBox said he is recruiting and asked for people to send in their CVs. Another wrote:

I moved to Silicon Valley from Cork 3.5 weeks ago. Running a hardware start-up that is developing a wearable fertility tracker for women. Anyone interested in fertility, hardware in general or visiting San Francisco soon please hit me up :)

At the last count there were just over 100 replies to all on the email. Despite the email infuriating some people, what came out of this week for me is that most of the people on the email list felt a little sorry for James from Rainy Monster. A lovely person called Sandra summed it up nicely for me, saying:

Most eggsiting (sic) bedtime reading I’ve had in a long time – delighted to be introduced to so many new (friendly, tolerant & helpful) people ;)

So, thank you James from Rainy Monster. Maybe now you have learned how to use the bcc feature on your Gmail?

More than that, you’ve also probably learned that some people can be very cranky when it comes to spam emails, but others understand that it’s a tough world out there and cold emailing people can get nasty reactions.

James, I hope you and Rainy Monster did get some business from #AccidentalSpamBuddies and I’d like to thank all my new buddies for such an interesting week, that was rich in humanity and just a bit of fun.

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