A new underwater sea robot

By: April 23, 2018
ROV Étaín sea robot

The University of Limerick has built a robot for use in the marine renewable energy sector. ROV Étaín is its name. It cost €2 million to build.

What it does
The new remotely operated vehicle (ROV) can operate in challenging wind, wave, and tidal conditions and will be used to inspect, repair and maintain marine renewable energy (MRE) facilities.

How it was built
Researchers at UL’s Centre for Robotics and Intelligence Systems (CRIS) enhanced a commercially available ROV system (Forum Energy Technology’s Comanche ROV) with UL-developed advanced control software (OceanRings), precision navigation and flight control, state-of-the-art robotic imaging and sonar systems and fully automated manipulator systems.

This robot can swim anywhere.