Apple hopes new ad will lift iPad sales

By: January 13, 2014
The iPad - not just a pretty interface The iPad - not just a pretty interface

Apple’s new video ad for the iPad is already being touted by those in the ad industry (judging by what creatives have to say on Twitter), as being one of its finest to date.

The new ad, using quotes from Robin Williams from the film ‘Dead Poets Society‘, shows the vast number of ways an iPad can be used creatively. The theme here is – “it’s an instrument that benefits humanity and society – not just a cool way to use Facebook or watch TV’.

The reality is, Apple had hoped iPad sales would be better last year and is facing huge challenges from the vast sea of affordable, decently built Android tablets on the market. Android tablets (like Samsung’s and the Nexus) earned 46.2% of the global tablet revenue share for Q3 2013, beating Apple’s revenue share of 45.6%.

Apple’s new ad is a good ad. A lot better than arch rival Samsung’s recent efforts, that’s for sure.