Christmas 2013 to see huge jump in mobile shopping

By: December 3, 2013

Christmas 2013 will see increasing numbers of people shopping via mobile devices as they aim to avoid queues and busy shops.

A global survey by PayPal finds most people (81%) plan to shop for Christmas goods on their smartphone, tablet, or PC this year.

25% of those surveyed said this year is the first year they’ve bought something on a mobile device.

The main reasons that consumers gave for mobile shopping this Christmas are not having to wait in a long queue (48%), being able to shop at odd hours of the day or night (46%) and price comparison shopping to find something cheaper (41%).

“Retailers in Ireland need to recognise this fast growing mobile shopping trend and make it easy for consumers to browse, click and collect from the comfort of their home or any convenient location,” says Louise Phelan, vice president, EMEA, at PayPal.

Christmas shopping for many people is very stressful:
– 17% admitted to yelling at a family member;
– 13% pushed ahead of others in line;
– 8% yelled at a store employee;
– 7% confessed to parking in spaces reserved for handicapped people.