DCU student start-ups join Silicon Valley accelerator programme

By: October 10, 2013
Dreaming of the high life in Silicon Valley Dreaming of the high life in Silicon Valley

Three DCU student companies have been selected from a field of 40 applicants from around the world to participate in the Intel Technology To Market Accelerator@UC Berkeley.

Notehome, Cent for Change and Agile Payments are the only Irish entrants to join an elite cohort of 21 finalist student start-ups in Berkeley, California.

According to the Silicon Valley accelerator programme the course aims to teach student start-ups “real-world, immersive learning about successfully transferring technologies into start-ups that benefit society”.

About the DCU start-ups
Agile Payments provides a cashless transaction service to enhance user experience and provide a streamlined system free of restrictions.

Cent for Change is a service that offers the online banking customer a new way to donate to charity. The service provides customers a simple way to donate the spare cent from their bank balance to a selected charity of their choice.

Notehome is an online and mobile communications and payments platform for primary schools and parents, fulfilling the need for digitalisation in this area. It satisfies the parent’s desire to have more real-time and accurate information, while also saving schools money.

About the course
The students, who flew to the States this week, will have three days of onsite training in Silicon Valley, learning some advanced skills that UC Berkeley teaches to Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. The week will culminate with a demo day where they will pitch their ideas directly to Silicon Valley business angels and venture capital investors.