Facebook Paper looks like Twitter crossed with Flipboard

By: January 30, 2014
Facebook Paper looks a lot like Twitter Facebook Paper looks a lot like Twitter

Facebook is launching a new product – Facebook Paper on February 3.

Watch the video of how Facebook Paper works here. It really looks like an image-driven version of Twitter – a service that allows people to share information, links and stories on a mobile platform with people they are connected with. It also looks like the social readers app, Flipboard, with a touch of Tumblr thrown in.

Doesn’t it look like Twitter? If you showed someone this video with the sound off, they’d probably think you were showing them a video of how Twitter works.

Facebook has been copying a lot of Twitter features of late, so the old saying “If you cant beat them, join them” looks very relevant in the case of Facebook Paper.

Oh, and all those recent news stories about how Facebook is no longer ‘cool with the kids’ appear to be rubbish.

According to SocialBakers’ latest research, the sky is not falling down and teens are still very much active on Facebook.