Find out what apps can improve your life

By: September 5, 2013
Positive APPitude is inspired by the emerging ‘quantified self’ global movement Positive APPitude is inspired by the emerging ‘quantified self’ global movement

Three Ireland stores nationwide are now offering one-to-one Positive APPitude training sessions in-store with trained Positive APPitude coaches “to help people use their smartphones to change their life”.

Here we speak to Shane O’Brien, head coach, to find out what Positive APPitude is all about.

Briefly describe what Positive APPitude is and what you hope to achieve with this initiative?
Positive APPitude is inspired by the emerging ‘quantified self’ global movement. Smartphones have become so smart that people are starting to track every moment of their lives in an effort to live healthier lifestyles. Our staff will be able to advise customers, during a one-on-one session what the best apps and ‘app-cessories’ are that can be used to achieve your goals.

How long does a training session typically last?
A typical training session takes about 10 minutes one-on-one with a member of our in-store team. Our staff are up-to-date on the latest and most highly-rated iPhone and Android apps and app-sessories.

Will the sessions mainly focus on fitness & health, or will you also give advice on areas like financial management and creating a more efficient work style?
The sessions can cover all three areas – diet, exercise and organisation – depending on what the customer wants to achieve. These are three key areas that we’ve focused on as we believe they directly impact on well-being.

What are the top five apps you would typically recommend?
Without doubt my top picks at the moment are FlipBoard, UP, Map My Run, Facebook and as an avid kite surfer, the Wind Guru app.

Do app developers know about this initiative – can they apply to get on your recommendation list?
We’re currently working with iPhone and Android apps that are on the market and highly rated by Irish users. We would absolutely love developers to get involved and send us their apps for review. Many of our staff, in store and in head office are very interested in ‘quantified-self’ so we’re definitely not short of willing guinea pigs to test them out.

Finally – the app you use most yourself?
It has to be the “UP” by Jawbone app. I’m constantly tracking my eating, sleeping and exercising habits with my UP band. The app allows me to connect my band and track while I’m on the go.