The most active and influential Irish journalists on Twitter

By: December 15, 2014
Irish journalists on Twitter Below is a list of the most influential Irish journalists on Twitter

Who are the most active and influential Irish journalists on Twitter? A review of over 300 Irish journalists’ level of influence on Twitter shows RTÉ sports journalist Des Cahill as the top performer. He was closely followed by Newstalk presenter George Hook and Irish Times consumer affairs correspondent Conor Pope.

Irish journalists on Twitter

The #murraytweetindex was published by communications firm Murray (@MurrayIRL), and ranks journalists across various parameters, measuring popularity, quality of engagement and level of activity. An index was then created to rank overall positions; the Top 20 journalists in the overall rankings were:


“This research shows that Twitter has empowered journalists to extend their reach and influence, and to build a personal brand that enhances their capacity to attract consumer and advertiser interest for their employers and for themselves,” says Pat Walsh, managing director of Murray.


In addition to the overall results and news category winners, the research looked at how journalists performed for each of the parameters measured. David McWilliams takes the top spot for most followed, with radio drive time rivals George Hook and Matt Cooper in second and third position. The most prolific tweeter was Irish Examiner sports contributor Miguel Delaney, closely followed by Sunday Times economics columnist Constantin Gurdgiev. When it comes to tweet quality, Irish Times rugby correspondent Gerry Thornley rarely tweets, but when he does his comments are favourited over 80% of the time by one his 10,000 plus followers.