Irish start-up develops world’s fastest app building tool

By: May 8, 2012
Dave Kearney and Ian Hannigan Dave Kearney and Ian Hannigan

Dave Kearney and Ian Hannigan

Do you have an idea for an app, but don’t have the know-how or the money to develop it? As the app industry evolves, it is becoming easier and less costly to turn your ideas into apps and Fluid UI claims to have developed the world’s fastest app prototyping tool, enabling app developers to turn an idea into an app prototype running on mobile in under 15 minutes.

The software was developed by Irish born Dave Kearney and Ian Hannigan, a Dublin and Berlin- based design and coding partnership. They were this year’s winner of the Archie Talks 5 Kickstarter Award for entrepreneurship.

“With the explosion of app development across the world, we wanted to build a tool that cut the time and cost during the design stage so that more great ideas can get to market fast. It’s really simple because users can just drag and drop and the interfaces they need for the mock up are already made,” says Hannigan.

Interested users can access the tool at When the software is commercially launched this month Fluid UI will offer monthly or yearly subscription plans to suit large and small budgets.

The science bit
Fluid UI is a web app built on HTML5 and runs like a desktop app. Because it is developed with HTML5, it is platform independent and can run on PC, Mac and Linux.
The prototyping tool integrates with open source JavaScript Libraries such as jQuery mobile and is a live product so that subscribers will get regular product updates without having to constantly download.

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