Irish voters can now register using Facebook app

By: September 2, 2013

The Referendum Commission has launched a voter registration app on Facebook to “maximise voter registration in advance of the referendums to take place on Friday October 4th”. The referendums on the Abolition of the Seanad and the establishment of a Court of Appeal take place on Friday October 4th.

The app checks to see whether or not people are on the register, and if they are not registered to vote, users can download the forms required

“Those who find they are not registered or are registered at the wrong address can correct this if they get the forms to their local authority on or before September 17th,” says the Referendum Commission.

The Commission’s App can be accessed from its Facebook page.

“This Facebook App is an easy way for people to check the register and get registered before polling day. One of the primary functions of the Referendum Commission is to encourage people to vote, and encouraging voter registration in this way is an important part of this,” says the chairman of the Referendum Commission, Ms Justice Elizabeth Dunne.

An online ad campaign over the next few weeks will direct people to the app. The the Commission is also on Twitter during the campaign at @RefComm2013.

which directs people to the simple step by step online procedure of checking the register and applying for inclusion on the supplementary register. Users of the app will then have the option of, with a click of the mouse, telling all their friends that they have used this app and that others should check the register in this way.

“A vote on changing our constitution is a very serious matter. This is one of those occasions where a major decision is not made by the Government, the Oireachtas or the Courts. It is solely for the people to decide and the outcome is determined only by those people who vote. I would encourage people to check the register to ensure that your voice is heard,” says Judge Dunne.