Marketing – creative content skills are increasingly in demand

By: May 14, 2014
Digital world Digital solutions for the digital age are increasingly difficult to come by for Irish firms

Demand for digital marketing professionals continues to rise and the role of the digital marketer is changing all the time.

If you work in marketing, continual training and ‘up-skilling’ is vital. Today, for example, content marketing skills, data analysis, mobile marketing and social media skills are in high demand, whereas a couple of years ago it was all about SEO, Facebook and Adwords – areas that can now be looked after by a number of readily available applications.

The skill set of the digital marketer must change in conjunction with the every-shifting sands of digital media and digital consumer trends.

The ‘Adobe Digital Roadblock’, published in March 2014 found that content marketers, digital/social marketers, data analysts, creatives, and mobile marketers are the key roles companies need to invest in over the next 12 months. 

Win a scholarship
With all this in mind, the Digital Marketing Institute has announced a new scholarship. The closing date for applicants is May 26.

The scholarship will cover 100% of the fees for the three month postgraduate in Digital Marketing, starting this June 14th and valued at €4,970.

To learn more, the Digital Marketing Institute is hosting two free digital careers evenings on May 14th and May 29th at the Chartered Accountants House, Dublin 2 from 5.30 pm.