‘Primal Flame’ now available for mystic fire starters

By: February 25, 2014
You are the fire starter, mystic fire starter You are the fire starter, mystic fire starter

Niamh Cunningham & Pierre Aclemént of Dublin-based game firm IrrelevantFish have created something special with Primal Flame, an iOS app available now on the App Store.

The graphics are quirky yet brilliant. The narrative is strange yet wonderful. You, the player, are alone in a deep dark forest and the only way to find your way around is to strike up a flame. Swipe, dodge and burn to stay alive as you move through the obstacles in a dance of fire.

The flame, while acting as your guide, is the target for “malevolent flowers, falling leaves and dark rain”. You have to prevent these forces from extinguishing your flame by swiping, dodging and burning them.

You can also “rescue luminous seeds to refuel your light and help you fight the growing darkness”.

Niamh Cunningham says the game was, “home brewed by two people and one pencil-top sheep using 5,000 matches and gallons of Irish tea”.

There are three different ‘worlds’ to negotiate as a player, each world has 15 levels. Each world also has different falling elements. As Cunningham explains: “The leaves of the Primal Forest are very visible, fall slowly and have a low impact on the flame. The raindrops of the Rain Storm hang for a second before falling rapidly and have a more significant impact. In the third world snowflakes drift across the screen gently, but as they are very numerous, it is difficult to move the flame around.”

IrrelevantFish describes itself as a maker of stylish games, and with Primal Flame, it may well have a big hit on its hands. Great to see such well-crafted work coming from a Dublin-based design and development firm.