What we searched for … Irish Web intrigues of Summer 2011

By: August 2, 2011
Searching Image courtesy of lssacademy.com

“Looking back over the last few months using Google’s handy Insights for Search tool reveals it’s been a summer of search for celebrity gossip, sporting moments and Google+” reveals Celine Crawford of MKC communications.


Image courtesy of lssacademy.com

“Without a doubt Google searches so far have been dominated by celebrity gossip and deaths.  Over April, May and June the antics of Ryan Giggs and Imogen Thomas, as well as the cast of reality TV show Geordie Shore, had everyone searching online for more details. Charlie Sheen’s drugs meltdown and Cheryl Cole’s dramatic sacking from the American X Factor show, also earned themselves a mention in the fastest rising searches over the last few months.

Sadly the searches show we’ve said goodbye to some highly regarded  or popular individuals including Thin Lizzy guitarist Gary Moore, politician Brian Lenihan, Jackass star Ryan Dunn, and most recently singer Amy Winehouse who joins the club of famous people who’ve died aged just 27.  While the death of Osama bin Laden stood out among popular searches in the same month the same amount of people in Ireland were searching for Azerbaijan, possibly trying to locate and learn more about the country that was responsible for dashing Jedwards hopes of winning the Eurovision.
In the world of sports there was plenty to search for both on and off the playing field, and its been a great time for Irish golf with Darren Clarke’s success in the British open and  Rory McIlroy’s winning the US open, however his subsequent split with childhood sweetheart Holly Sweeney had internet users searching online for both Rory and Caroline Wozniacki as rumours of a new romance hit the media.
June saw weather forecast and weather Dublin storm into the popular searches list as Irish people tried to cope with yet another Irish summer and one of the wettest June’s on record much to the delight travellers to the 2011 Oxegen festival who were also searching online before the festival began in early July.
Keeping us entertained this Summer is the final instalment of the Harry Potter series and the unlikely pairing of Brendan Gleeson and Don Cheadle in the film ‘The Guard’ which appear to be the Summer blockbusters as searches for the movies peaked in July. While over on YouTube the soundtrack for the Summer of 2011 is a close call between Rebecca Black’s new song My moment followed by newly single Jennifer Lopez’s summer anthem On the floor and party rock anthem LMFAO.”

Fastest Rising Searches in Ireland July 2011

Amy Winehouse dead            Breakout

Darren Clarke                         Breakout

Tour de France                       +1400%

British Open                            +900%

Google Plus                            +750%

Galway Races                        +750%

Harry Potter                             +300%

euromillions                             +250%

The Guard                               +500%

Oxegen                                   +150%

Fastest Rising Searches in Ireland June 2011

Ryan Dunn                              Breakout

US open                                  +3900%

Rory McIlroy                            +1500%

Wimbledon                              +1200%

Brian Lenihan                          +300%

Geordie Shore                         +120%

Oxegen                                   +100%

TV3 Player                              +100%

Dublin Weather                       +50%

euromillions                             +50%

Fastest Rising Searches in Ireland May 2011

Osama bin Laden                   Breakout

Azerbaijan                               Breakout

Jedward                                  +3350%

Eurovision                               +1150%

Ryan Giggs                             +300%

AA roadwatch                          +200%

Cheryl Cole                             +160%

Imogen Thomas                      +150%

Examinations.ie                      +90%

Dublin airport                           +50%

Fastest Rising Search in Ireland

January                       aerlingus.ie

February                      election results 2011

March                          Rebecca Black

April                             Pippa Middleton

May                              Osama Bin Laden

June                            Ryan Dunn