Skills for Work Week 2015 to help unemployed young people

By: March 2, 2015
Skills for Work Week 2015

Skills for Work Week 2015 has been announced. It is an initiative by 27 food and drink companies in 54 locations around Ireland and aims to help young people prepare for a job in the food and drink sector.

Over 1,200 young people will take part and the idea is the participating companies will “share first-hand knowledge of the skills needed for a career in the food industry or elsewhere to help further reduce this figure”.

Ireland’s unemployment rate now stands at 10.4%.

The companies involved will provide services like free on-site skills workshops and site visits. The focus is on developing pre-employment skills and will include advice on CVs, interview training and behind the scenes tours of farms, factories, depots, stores and offices.

Skills for Work Week 2015

Those taking part in activities at Keeling’s Farm in north Dublin will experience ‘A Day in the Life of a Strawberry’, looking at how strawberries make it from the ground to the shops, while over at Kellogg’s, participants will look at ‘The Journey of Cornflakes’, learning about how one of Ireland’s favourite breakfast cereals is made.

Companies signed up for Skills for Work Week 2015 include BWG Foods, Coca Cola, Keelings, Kellogg’s, Maxol Group, Musgrave Group, Nestlé, P&G Foods, SHS Sales & Marketing, Tesco, and Unilever.

“As the largest private sector employer in Ireland, we want to give young unemployed people an insight into the range of careers available in the Irish food industry, with a particular focus on our retail and wholesale businesses. We hope to inspire young people taking part in the initiative to pursue a career in the food sector,” says Adrian Grey, Musgrave Group HR Director.