Startup Xpreso wins €30k NDRC ‘Lift Off’ competition

By: December 13, 2013
Pictured are NDRC LaunchPad director, Gary Leyden with Eamon Keane, chief executive officer, Xpreso Pictured are NDRC LaunchPad director, Gary Leyden with Eamon Keane, chief executive officer, Xpreso

The winner is this year’s NDRC startup competition, Lift Off, is Xpreso – described as a ‘Hailo-like’ service for couriers and their customers.

Xpreso solves the ‘sorry we missed you’ problem by connecting couriers and consumers in real-time.

“It puts customers in control with precise delivery alerts, rescheduling and rerouting options. This saves courier companies money while providing a ‘Hailo-like’ delivery experience for busy online consumers,” says NDRC.

The pitch
At ‘Lift Off 8’, the winner Xpreso and 10 other startups had five minutes to pitch to an audience of investors, mentors and a judging panel which included John Pryor (RocketSpace, San Francisco), Will Prendergast (Frontline Ventures), Conor Stanley (Tribal VC), and Ben Hurley (NDRC).
Xpreso was chosen as winner and takes home the award plus access to follow-on investment of at least €30,000.
“Xpreso will join illustrious alumni such as PropertyGate, Newswhip and Soundwave. To date, NDRC-backed ventures in total have generated over €30 million in follow-on investment with the creation of 300 jobs,” says NDRC LaunchPad Director, Gary Leyden.

Digital Perceptions
Spot My Image finds and removes unwanted photos of you from the internet. It uses a search algorithm that can identify undesirable objects in images of our clients. It is developing key contextual image search services.

Inforama is a document production and automation platform, which allows business to generate personalised documents, policies, invoices, letters and emails in the cloud or on-premise.
Reinvented Recruitment/Cvisual reinvents the conventional, text-based CV into an media-rich, interactive, digital CV. Job-seekers will benefit from their information being presented more effectively, but most value will be added to our corporate clients, who can elect to use reinvented recruitment as their online job application gateway.

Twiddle provides a new interface for those searching and navigating the web. Instead of the usual list format that is provided through search engines like Google, Twiddle allows user to navigate the web using an attractive interface. aIt is an alternative approach to information discovery for internet surfers allowing them to navigate through categories of web content.

Food cloud‘s platform, which is accessed via mobile application or website, allows businesses to quickly upload details of their surplus food and send a text message notification to charities in a specified radius.

Critical Connect powered by Medxnote is a secure HIPAA compliant communication platform for hospital healthcare professionals. It aims to replace the pager and take hospitals out of the 1980’s and into the 21st Century.

CloudDock is a central hub for email, calendar and file storage services and bridges the gap between them.

Social Energy
Social Energy is an online education platform for not-for-profit organisations. Social Energy will provide classes, interviews, case studies and white papers on a range of subjects such as ‘How to develop a social media strategy’, ‘Raise funds using crowdfunding’ and ‘The importance of branding’.

Loylap is a mobile platform built to incentivise and reward customer spending within a local community. By means of a mobile business application, customers can earn group loyalty points throughout participating businesses in an area, and can subsequently redeem these points in any other participating businesses in that group.

Media Planner
Media Planner is a cloud based software system to streamline the advertising media booking process. This can result in up to 40% of time on administration associated with media planning.