ThoughtBox builds free maths apps for Eason’s

By: December 6, 2013

ThoughtBox has launched a new maths app for kids in conjunction with Easons’ new Easonology environment.

Easonology is a new “experience designed to offer children, teens and adults a creative environment where they can explore and interact with books, games and technology”.

ThoughtBox’s new, free iPad app for Eason’s aims to help children reach a better understanding of mathematics.

“We have spent four years researching the educational space and understanding the way kids and tweens use and engage with technology and games. This is where our strength lies: we don’t just build – we respond to needs, wants, trends, patterns and behaviours. We build products with kids for kids,” says ThoughtBox CEO Cristina Luminea.

“We see this [deal with Eason’s] as one of the many partnerships with companies to come, both here in Ireland and abroad,” adds Luminea.

ThoughtBox has released a number of educational maths apps as part of its Numerosity suite, which won multiple awards around the world since release, including Apples App Store Best of 2012 in 15 countries and Best Educational and Gaming App at The Appys.