The top 10 Irish apps

By: September 16, 2014
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Apps are the largest part of the mobile web. 60% of the time spent on the web is now by people doing so with a mobile device. And of those accessing the Internet, 52% are now doing so through an app rather than a website, which is a 40% increase from 2013, says ComScore.

So, what are the top Irish apps of all time? Seeing as the app industry is but a wee child (seven years old but really came into its own five years ago), below are three top ten lists. These lists are compiled using download and usage data.

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Top 10 Irish apps (in terms of downloads and usage)

AIB Mobile
RTÉ News Now
RTÉ Player
Bank of Ireland Mobile Banking
Dublin Bus
Aldi Ireland

Top ten iPhone apps of all time
Chances are, if you own an Android phone or a Windows phone, you will have most of them installed also. These apps are ‘free’ and paid for.
1: Skype
2: YouTube
3: Instagram
4: Pandora
5: Facebook
6: Angry Birds Seasons
7: Cut the Rope
8: Doodle Jump
9: Fruit Ninja
10: Angry Birds

In the U.S., the world’s largest app marketplace, the apps that are used the most are:

1. Facebook App with over 115 million monthly users
2. YouTube with 83.4 million users
3. Google Play with 72 million users
4. Google Search App with 70 million users
5. Pandora with 69 million users
6. Google Maps with 64.5 million users
7. Gmail App with 60 million users
8. Instagram with 46.6 million users
10. Apple Maps with 42 million users
10. Yahoo Finance with 42 million users