Uber aims to challenge Hailo in Dublin

By: January 10, 2014
What next for Uber? What next for Uber?

Uber, the car hire service, has arrived in Dublin. However, the service is still in test phase in Ireland’s capital.

Essentially Uber is a smartphone app that “connects passengers with drivers of vehicles for hire and ride sharing services”. The cars in question are vetted by the company, as are the drivers.

It’s main competitor will be the Hailo app, which has proved a huge success in Dublin and other Irish cities. Unlike Hailo, Uber cars are not cabs, but ‘nice rides’ i.e. luxury private cars for hire driven by ‘chauffeurs’. Uber users also don’t need to pay by cash as their credit card details are linked with the app.

“Uber is still in test phase, says the company, “so only limited vehicles are available and promotional pricing is in place (20% off standard prices). But, don’t worry, we’re working hard and adding additional cars every day.”