70% of Irish consumers don’t know what 4G is

By: October 30, 2013
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For those living in a digitally-focused world, it may come as some surprise to learn that over 70% of Irish consumers don’t know what 4G is. (It stands for fourth generation broadband).

New research from price comparison website Switcher.ie suggests 72% of Irish people don’t know what the term 4G means.

The survey of Irish people’s familiarity with various forms of broadband found that 76% of Irish adults have heard of the term ‘fibre powered broadband’ but just over half (57%) said they have heard of ‘Next Generation Broadband’.

What the research suggests is that consumers may be sold 4G phones and data tariffs without them knowing what 4G entails – and if they need it or not.

“We have just seen eircom launch their new 4G service and they are offering free 4G until March, but you can be rest assured that from March there will be a charge,” says Eoin Clarke, head of Switcher.ie. “Customers must be wary of signing up for long term contracts on the premise of high speed that may not be compatible in their areas or delivers more speed than they actually require for every day usage.

“A big issue with 4G will be that customers will have to be mindful of how much data they use. The speed of 4G will make watching videos and streaming music on the go much easier so make sure to be wary of the cost of exceeding your data tariff,” suggests Clarke.

Switcher.ie has published a 4G broadband guide on its website, setting out what 4G is and what it will mean for consumers.