What is programmatic marketing and why is it the ‘next big thing’?

By: May 16, 2015
What is programmatic marketing What is programmatic marketing?

What is programmatic marketing or programmatic advertising? We asked Matt Tanner of PRGRMTK to explain.

Having recognised the value of storytelling, brands now face the challenge of delivering their stories effectively and consistently, particularly via mobile which is an innately short form platform and where all information consumed by people is snackable at best.

Programmatic advertising can be used to deliver increasingly appropriate and relevant creative offerings dependent on a customer’s experience and engagement with a brand. In effect programmatic can bring a whole new level of personalisation and storytelling opportunities as it lifts the performance of advertising by powering personalised content.

I suggest the next step will involve scaling the creative offering according to a customer’s value to the brand, serving advertising which becomes richer as the value of the customer increases.

Being able to customise content to a user is key to attain the kind of relevancy which will ensure brands are meeting a genuine customer need, telling them a story which is tailored to them.

Imagine matching a customer’s credit card transaction with someone who has bought sushi and serving them Japanese food ads around lunchtime to spike their interest. If this same customer is a regular, the offers could become creatively richer and more relevant over time.

Technology is poised to enable brands to deliver relevant stories, it is down to marketers to shift their focus from scale to relevancy.