What next for mobile apps? Growth, growth and more growth

By: March 20, 2014
The Appys The app industry is showing astonishing signs of growth

2013 and early 2014 saw some big money app acquisitions, so what next for the mobile app space?

The simple answer is growth and better quality and more downloads.

Mobile app use more than doubled in 2013 as every single app category showed growth. Below is a round up of a recent report on app use by Flurry.

Messaging apps (which includes social and photo sharing) showed enormous growth. Not surprising, given the massive user bases that apps like Instagram, Vine, Facebook Messenger, SnapChat, and WhatsApp already have. Tripling usage year-on-year is huge, especially when compared to other categories.

Utilities and productivity apps saw a 149 percent jump year-on-year for one big reason: smartphones and tablets are increasingly becoming our personal computers.

Flurry said it tracked a record 4.7 billion app sessions in a single day on December 31, 2013. The whole year saw 1.126 trillion sessions (meaning the average day saw 3.085 billion sessions). Wow.