How Boxever landed a $6m investment

By: March 7, 2014
In the age of Big Data - Boxever is a platform to watch In the age of Big Data - Boxever is a platform to watch

Boxever, an Irish start-up and alumni of the NDRC, has landed $6 million in VC dollars led by Polaris Partners and Frontline Ventures.

Boxever has created a platform for airlines and travel operators to gather and analyse customer data in real-time. This will then allow airlines to ‘personalise’ their marketing and customer service efforts towards their passengers. (Not something Ryanair has to worry about).

“Airlines have access to vast amounts of untapped structured and unstructured information about their guests and very few are using this effectively,” says Dave O‘Flanagan, Boxever’s CEO.

So why did this start-up generate such interest from investors? Well, Boxever ticks many of the boxes that tech start-ups, hoping to get funding, now require: it is first to market with a viable product; it is software as a service, making it affordable for the user; it’s all about Big Data analysis and it concentrates on just one enormous vertical – the airline industry.

It could very well prove to be a runway (sic) success.