Can Google properly ignite the smart watch sector?

By: February 25, 2014
This graphic is how imagines a Google watch would look like This graphic is how imagines a Google watch would look like

Rumours circulating the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona suggest Google will also launch a smart watch this summer.

It is thought the Google watch will be built by LG (which makes Google’s Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 smartphones). Obviously, the phone will run on the Android platform.

With Google entering the smart watch market, it means it will compete against Sony, Pebble, and Samsung with Apple’s iWatch also on the way.

The big tech players all seem to believe that smart watches will be the next big thing. However, early consumer demand for smart watches already launched by Sony, Pebble, and Samsung isn’t exactly lighting up the world.

While global sales are fine, it seems the tech world and smart gear fans are waiting eagerly for Apple’s iWatch. Google’s late entry into the sector is also interesting but the big question is – can Google or Apple do something revolutionary with a smart watch? I mean really revolutionary, rather than just building a small, less-functional smartphone that sits on your wrist.