2020 – Ireland’s #YearOnTwitter revealed

By: December 8, 2020
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For most people, 2020 was the most challenging and bizarre year ever experienced. As it comes to an end, Twitter has published a list of the “most interesting and relevant cultural moments, conversations and movements” of the year.

The #YearOnTwitter
It’s no surprise that #Covid19 and #Coronavirus were the top used hashtags of the year.

#ActsOfKindness were big on Twitter in 2020 and Helen O’Rahilly used Twitter to coordinate volunteers in her vicinity, but the hashtag #SelfIsolationHelp caught on nationwide with thousands of people across the country signing up to help. O’Rahilly also shared the hilarious, poignant and emotional experience of caring for her elderly aunt in #StairliftAscends.

Irish comedian Alison Spittle entertained the nation during lockdown by creating the #CovideoParty community. After seeing gigs cancelled she needed to keep busy and what better way than to watch movies with thousands of virtual friends?

The most liked Tweet on Irish Twitter in 2020
In a year when TV was one of the best forms of getting through it all, we came together to watch and talk about the TV adaption of Sally Rooney’s #NormalPeople. Paul Mescal (and #ConnellsChain) became instant sensations so it’s not surprising that some UK media outlets wanted to claim him as their own when he was nominated for an Emmy. But Paul’s succinct “I’m Irish” Tweet put everything right and it became the most liked Tweet on Irish Twitter in 2020.
paul mescal im irish

Any news?
In addition to #Covid19 and #Coronavirus, Irish Twitter was actively talking about #GE2020. It was also the year when the world and Ireland stood up and shouted that #BlackLivesMatter, following the death of #GeorgeFloyd. Other topics Ireland’s eyes followed this year were #GolfGate and the continued shenanigans of #Brexit.

When it came to international news stories Irish people were talking about on Twitter, as well as #Covid19, #BlackLivesMatter and #Brexit, the next two biggest stories were #LFC becoming Premier League champions and of course #Trump and all things #Election2020.

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