5G networks – what is all the fuss about?

By: January 7, 2021
what is 5G and is it bad or good

After months of debating, planning and dealing with public concerns, global society has finally reached the final threshold before collectively launching 5G to the world. Tech giants have released dozens of 5G compatible devices, consumers have traded previous generation devices with mobile devices that can support superfast data transfers, and countries are trying to find the best ways to get their 5G networks up and running. Unfortunately, the last part of the equation is also the part that does not seem to be working out.

5G technology is ages ahead of its predecessor, and it promises to take communication to a whole new level. Fifth-generation networks are going to change the user experience for those who regularly go online. Streaming 4K quality movies on Netflix, exploring the best video poker guide in Ireland, or downloading a 100GB game on your video game console will only take seconds. As for video conferences and meetings via Zoom and Skype, professionals will no longer have to worry about the audio-visual quality while communicating with their partners and colleagues.

Next-gen network
Accommodating the needs of 5G network technology has not been easy for the majority of countries located in the so-called “Western World”. Luckily, 2021 is the year when things will start picking up in terms of 5G network integration. Technology and communications experts are expecting to see things changing for the best, giving Internet users the opportunity to get the most out of mobile data connectivity. Getting the most out of 5G does not only mean instantly streaming Dumbo on Disney +. The next-gen network will allow for higher connection stability, better signal reception and better functionality of data-driven applications.

5G and the future of communications
The beginning of the 5th generation of cellular networks is a huge development for communications. Still, if one considers the future prospects of the evolution of mobile data technology, then 5G will feel like it is only a single step in the right direction. Interestingly, people are already talking about how 6G will change the way we live, even if many countries are still trying to get things working for 5G. On the other hand, many countries are already funding researches for 6G, so moving on to the next generation is not just another science-fiction scenario. It will, however, take more than a decade before we actually get an idea about how 6G will really be like.

5G – risks and misinformation
There are more than a few people believing that 5G is the source of all evil. Some claim that 5G will radiate them and their families, others that governments will use it to spy on their personal lives and there are even those who believe that 5G waves can create pandemics. The truth of course is far from all of the above, as there does not seem to be any scientific evidence proving that 5G is harmful to public health. In reality, 5G is just a newer stage for mobile networks, which is following the same steps as those taken by its predecessors.

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