Airbnb in Dublin – the facts

By: January 26, 2017

Airbnb in Dublin brings a lot of value to the city. A new report, Homesharing: The Positive Impacts on Dublin, shows the Airbnb community generated €273 million of economic activity in Dublin last year. This includes an estimated €221m of guest spending and €52m earned by Airbnb hosts.

Some highlights of the Airbnb in Dublin report include:

* In the past year alone, 6,100 Airbnb hosts welcomed over 400,000 guests to their homes across Dublin County.
* Airbnb guests stayed an average of 3.2 nights, with the vast majority (83%) staying for vacation or leisure.
* A typical Airbnb host in Dublin County earned €4,900 by sharing their space for 50 nights a year.
* Over half (53 percent) of Airbnb hosts said they use the income from sharing space in their home to make ends meet.
* The vast majority of Airbnb hosts in Dublin County (88 percent) share their primary residence.
* Almost a quarter (23 percent) of guests would not have visited Dublin County or stayed as long without Airbnb.
* Almost 5,000 Airbnb guests stayed in an Airbnb over St Patrick’s Day 2016, boosting the local economy by €2.4 million.

USEFUL GUIDE: Ian Balina has written a great guide: ‘How to make money renting your house on Airbnb’.

Airbnb in Dublin is important

“Airbnb provides much needed additional capacity in Dublin, particularly at times of high demand. This is particularly important given the large number of events now taking place in the city each year and also in light of Dublin’s hopes of winning increased tourism and conference business in the future, as well as large sporting events such as the 2023 Rugby World Cup. The availability of home share accommodation is now commonplace – and sought after – in major cities around the world. Meeting the needs of today’s traveler requires Dublin to offer a compelling mix of accommodation options and providers such as Airbnb undoubtedly contribute positively to the wider offering,” says Mary Rose Burke, CEO, Dublin Chamber of Commerce.

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