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By: June 10, 2020
find office space dublin using an app

As Ireland moves back to work, the devastation wrought by COVID-19 and the lockdown is visible for all to see. Many businesses simply won’t re-open and many offices will be left vacant. The demand for more flexible office leases is set to rise.

“As companies face new challenges, businesses close and premises are vacated, everyone from the employees to the landlord will feel the strain,” says Shane Duffy, managing director of the serviced office brokerage Click Offices.

Duffy says Click Offices will offer building operators six months of commission-free leads if they use its new app to upload videos and pictures of available office spaces.

The idea is to encourage office owners to upload virtual tours of their offices.

The app allows users to:
* Add and make edits to centres and offices
* Review leads
* Respond to client viewing requests
* Accept offers on offices

It’s virtual viewing
“The virtual nature of this app is very useful for building operators. They can use the app to upload and manage their office listings.”

Businesses looking for office space can then use without having to physically visit the spaces. “It helps in the selection process and the renting process,” says Duffy.

“Before the app, we were doing all this ourselves, getting the videos from building operators and uploading. We built the app to make the process for operators much easier. There is never a charge for the user who is looking for office space.”

The option to have flexibility
So, how is the sector in general? Is there still a healthy demand for office spaces or is there more caution in the market now?
“This sector has taken a hit. Offices, not just serviced offices have seen a drop in demand. Some companies will now work remotely forever, some will be back but I think we will see a greater amount of flexible working arrangements. These will be half of the employees working one week in the office and the other at home and alternating, working in shifts, avoiding rush hours on public transports and working more flexibly, and working from home a few days a week. This is the big change I see, which I think will be good for employees.

“The medium to long term market for serviced offices, I think, will be very good. After the last recession, many businesses got burnt as they were tied into long leases and the option to have flexibility in uncertain times was welcomed. They have flourished ever since, in Dublin.”

What’s the user experience like?
Have a look at one of the offices for rent in Dublin’s Baggot Street here.

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