A conference call mobile app that works

By: February 5, 2018
a conference call app

The Irish firm 247meeting has launched a new conference call app, allowing worldwide users to hold confidential remote meetings, anywhere and anytime. The app takes less than two minutes set up.

Because calls can be made on the move, without the need for PIN codes, dial-ins or waiting, the 247meeting mobile app is a solid tool for managers and team members. Teams can quickly do a debrief after an important client meeting – or to quickly start a conference call in a crisis management situation.

“Conference calling is a major time, and cost-effective tool in any business,” says 247meeting CEO, Gavan Doherty. “But, let’s face it, nobody wants to be annoying their customers by sending them links to software they have to download – and sometimes, even your own team members forget their PIN code. That’s why all you need to start with the app is the phone number of your guests; they don’t have to install the app or be ‘in your network’.”

“Think of the countless hours lost discussing the weather while waiting for various members to dial in,” says Doherty. “The beauty of our new app is that everyone is in at the same time, and you can get straight down to business. It’s super easy to use and a brilliant tool for communication between busy senior managers who are rarely in the same place.”

This app is the brainchild of Doherty, a former Telecoms engineer. He got the idea from his customers, after noticing their pain over PIN codes and how concerned high-profile managers were about someone eavesdropping (accidentally, or not) on their confidential calls. With the app, you can see who’s on your call at all times, giving you peace of mind that only the people who are meant to be on the call are there.

The 247meeting mobile app is available in Apple and Android versions and can be downloaded free of charge from the iStore or Google Play.

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    Congratulations, great Gavin. You r a star!
    I am sure your app will be a huge success.
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