Can businesses make the workplace safe from COVID?

By: May 14, 2020
business back open covid makiing workplaces safe again

As a business owner, you will probably feel overwhelmed by the amount of information available to help you get your business and employees back to work. What areas should you concentrate on first?

The economy is entering a great unknown. COVID-19 is not going away but businesses are eager to get back to work. People are genuinely worried about returning to crowded workplaces. Businesses and managers have a care of duty – a moral and legal responsibility to colleagues to ensure the workplace is a safe place to return to and continue to work from while exposure to COVID-19 remains a risk.

Below are five useful guides, checklists and templates that will help you and your managers prepare for the COVID-19 work life.

1. The National Return to Work Safely Protocol – This outlines employer obligations to ensure safety measures are put in place and adhered to at work.

2. Acton Plan Covid – 19 Return to Work Directives – This checklist is a summary of the directive together with a checklist for employers to help them adhere to the protocol.

3. Covid-19 Risk Assessment – A template to document any virus-related issues, should they arise.

4. Covid-19 Employee Declaration – This is a declaration to be completed and signed by each employee returning to work as evidence of ‘adherence to the safety protocol’.

5. Business Continuity Planning Checklist-COVID-19 – This was issued by the Department of Business Enterprise and Innovation (DBEI). It’s a checklist with links to useful websites.