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By: September 29, 2021
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If the first NDRC Accelerator Demo Day of 2021 is anything to go by, then the startup scene in Ireland is in excellent health.

This was the first NDRC cohort since Dogpatch Labs took over the operation of the NDRC on behalf of the Irish government.

The startups include Stripe, Intercom and Zalando alumni, with Swedish and UK-based startups also taking part.

“The ecosystem in Ireland has reached a new phase; we’re now starting to see the second-order effects 15 years after the likes of Google arrived, with new startups emerging from Irish unicorns and big-tech that is based here,” said Patrick Walsh, CEO of Dogpatch Labs.

Several startups announced significant investments and growth metrics. Vidu, for example, revealed angel investment from three co-founders of the Irish unicorn Intercom.

Dataships announced a $3m seed funding round, and Guardara announced its technology was used to detect a ‘zero day’ vulnerability in an open-source project.

Robotify, led by a 23-year old CEO, announced a landmark new customer, the Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Announcements from the startups on the NDRC accelerator include:
Dataships announced a seed round of $3m with US VCs Urban Innovation Fund and Lavrock Ventures, along with Irish billionaire Tony Smurfit.

Vidu – Three co-founders of Irish unicorn ‘Intercom’ have committed to being angel investors in this Irish startup founded by ex-Intercom early employees. Early customers include Greenhouse, Fivetran, and Intercom.

Guardara – Described as ‘Grammarly for writing secure code’, announced its technology was used to detect a significant security flaw, a ‘zero-day vulnerability’, in an open-source project, which is a rare achievement by the security community.

Robotify – Led by a 23-year-old CEO, announced a new landmark customer Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak for his ‘WozEd’ company. A virtual showcase with Steve Wozniak has been set for next month.

Hiiker – building ‘The Instagram of Hiking’, announced top European hiking influencer Roz Purcell (500k+ Instagram followers) joins the team as global head of the community. Users have tripled to 170,000 hikers since the start of the accelerator.

Inferex – the 18-year-old founder followed in the footsteps of Stripe founders and Sequoia-backed Evervault in winning Ireland’s BT Young Scientist competition. The startup raised €1 million in funding earlier this year.

Applications for 2022 Cohort
Applications are now open for the next NDRC Accelerator at Dogpatch Labs, and can be submitted here.

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