Flipdish is out to eat takeaway apps

By: March 26, 2017

Flipdish, a business that supplies ‘extra fast’ white-label apps and websites to over 10% of the country’s delivery restaurants, has received investment from Growing Capital and Enterprise Ireland.

If you order food using a third party app like JustEat, the restaurant will often pay a high percentage of the cost of the food for the referral. JustEat, for example, charges restaurants up to 13% for a referral.

“This is extremely punitive,” says Flipdish CEO, Conor McCarthy, “and makes it very hard for restaurants to make a profit.”

It also puts restaurants in a vulnerable position as the third party aggregators ‘own’ the customers and can, with the “flip of a switch”, direct them to a competitor.

“At Flipdish we empower restaurants to reclaim their customers, build their own brand, increase their sales and save on fees,” says McCarthy.

Flipdish was started by Irish brothers James and Conor McCarthy (above) in 2015. The business has had over 20% monthly compound growth for the last nine months. The investment from Growing Capital and Enterprise Ireland is to help accelerate growth in the UK.

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