Get ready for the UXDX Conference 2020

By: September 17, 2020
UXDX 2020

This year’s UXDX Conference, the fastest-growing event on ‘Product’ in Europe, is taking place virtually.

It has an impressive lineup. The conference will deliver over 35 hours of content, and there are 40 keynote talks and panel discussions.

Hands-on workshops
There are over 15 workshops from global industry leaders such as Lowell Goss, head of design & UX at Reddit; Kevin Lee, chief product officer at eBay; Feross Aboukhadijeh, entrepreneur & programmer; Benoit Tepereau, VP of Product at Deezer; and Audrey Tsang, chief product officer at Clue.

Also, UXDX is launching a new, comprehensive ‘Continuous Learning Programme’. Up to 70% of companies will fail in their digital transformation efforts. The continuous learning programme by UXDX aims to motivate people throughout the year and help teams follow through on their change initiatives.

To book your place at UXDX 2020 go here.

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