Google’s data centres in Ireland

By: May 8, 2018
google data centes ireland

Google has spent a further €150m on expanding its second data centre at Grange Castle, South County Dublin.

The new facility will create up to 400 jobs at peak during its construction and take approximately 16 months to complete. This will bring Google’s total capital investment in Ireland to €1bn since 2003.

A new report by Copenhagen Economics into the impact of Google’s data centres on the Irish economy found that for the years 2011-2017, the centres represented:
1: A €350 million direct investment in construction and operations.
2: A €400 million contribution to Ireland’s GDP (avg €55 million per year).
3: A total of 4,900 jobs supported both directly and indirectly (average 700 jobs per year).

“Dublin is a key site in our family of European data centres, which provide the critical infrastructure to keep cloud-based services such as Gmail, Maps, and YouTube running efficiently across Europe, Middle East and Africa. Our data centres are designed to be highly energy-efficient, for example, our data centre here in Dublin uses advanced air-cooling technologies taking advantage of our country’s “temperate climate” to regulate the temperature of the servers,” says Denis Browne, Google’s EU regional data centre lead.

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