How technology is improving our homes

By: July 31, 2018
house of the future

In today’s world technology is used during many of our days to day tasks and if anything, we take it for granted. We don’t think twice about using our smartphone, wireless speaker or one of the many other products available at our fingertips; but now, technology is becoming more and more prominent within our homes.

In most cases, we don’t think twice when we come into contact with technology, but with the industry proliferating and becoming very competitive, brands are now releasing products which can replace household items and even make some of our daily chores easier. To explore how technology is making an impact in our homes, we’ve conducted some research to discover some of the best products.

If you are considering purchasing one of the below products or something similar, they can come at a higher cost compared to standard household items. With this in mind, it’s worth thinking about adding them to your house insurance. If your insurance is up for renewal or you want to find out how much the cost would be to cover your new gadgets, you can retrieve a quick quote from companies like Chill Insurance who compare 14 different insurers to ensure you get the best price. While this will protect you if something happens, you still need to ensure that you keep your home safe and keep specific products out of the eyes of anyone who could see them through the window. These products will benefit your home so it’s worth making sure they’re covered in case of an event which can’t be helped.

Amazon Echo
Wireless speakers have been widely available for an extended period of time now, but gadgets like the Amazon Echo add a whole new meaning to the word. The speaker is connected to a cloud-based voice activator, which you may also know as Alexa. Once set up and ready to go, you can ask Alexa to play individual songs, make phone calls, create a shopping list, and find out the football scores; just to name a few. With its sleek design and great size, many households are purchasing the Amazon Echo to make everyday tasks easier to complete.

Nest Hello Doorbell
We’re often sat relaxing on the sofa when the doorbell rings, wondering who it could be and whether it’s worth going to see who it is or not. If this sounds familiar, then the Nest Hello Doorbell might be what you’re looking for. Not your average doorbell, this gadget is fitted with an HD camera which allows you to see who’s knocking via your phone. The standout feature of this product has to be the fitted microphone within it, meaning you can see who’s at your door wherever you are and talk to them if need be.

Samsung Oven
One thing I’m sure we thought would remain the same is the ovens we use and how they operate; step in the Samsung Oven. From the outside, this product looks like your everyday oven. However, it has been created to allow you the option of cooking two dishes at once and yes, in the same oven. All this requires is a divider in the middle of the oven, separating it in half and then all that’s left is for you to set the temperatures. Like many items today, the stove connects to your phone via Wi-Fi, allowing you to control the heat from your smartphone.

The sky’s the limit…
Not too long ago we could have never even imagined these products working, never mind being able to buy them. With the designer’s now mixing technology with our everyday household items, it’s exciting to think what’s next for the industry. With numerous products being released every year, it won’t be too long before technology plays an even more significant part of our day to day lives and within our homes.

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