10 tips – how to shoot professional-style video with your phone

By: September 20, 2020

Anna Downes, the founder of Video Sherpa, gives professional tips on how to shoot enticing and effective video content.

Video communications soared during the lockdown as offices shuttered and face-to-face meetings ceased. Suddenly the professional world became one big virtual meeting.

And while the lockdown created immense problems for many businesses, others saw opportunities.

“Communicating by video is ideal for the world we now live in,” says Anna Downes, the founder of Video Sherpa. The service is a cloud-based video production app that lets anyone with little to no video production experience shoot and edit quality content.

What’s novel about Video Sherpa is that when a customer signs up, they also receive some equipment to help them shoot high-quality video.

“Yes, sending our customers a media kit is unique but instrumental. We don’t just tell clients what equipment to buy we send them the proper microphones, a good stabiliser and the right training tools,” says Downes. “We have road-tested vast amounts of equipment, so these products come highly commended.”

Video Sherpa clients now come from all walks of life. “We started as a platform to help property agents show developments to virtual buyers. Now we support all types of people and organisations with their visual storytelling. Short-form video can be used for internal training or messaging, it’s excellent for social media marketing or other forms of storytelling. Customers also use video for product demonstrations and development. Because all the content’s hosted on the cloud, it means teams of users can collaborate on the platform.”

Below are Anna Downes’ top tips for shooting professional style videos.

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