Ireland’s AI centre gets €250K for new supercomputer called LEON

By: June 11, 2020
LEON Irish supercomputer

A new supercomputer called LEON will be made available to Irish firms and startups interested in Artificial Intelligence.

CeADAR, Ireland’s applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) centre, has won €247,000 in funding from Enterprise Ireland’s Capital Funding Programme for a new supercomputer which will help Irish firms engage in big data and AI projects.

This is good news for businesses and startups who want to use leading-edge equipment to explore the latest strides in AI techniques and platforms.

Putting LEON to work
Working with CeADAR, companies in Ireland can now develop and trial new big data solutions, upskill their workforce, and grow their expertise in data science and machine learning. LEON will also be available to startups and will aim to foster the creation of new spin-out businesses.

LEON will also meet the increasing demands of the industry in terms of processing, modelling and storage of large datasets.

“This new high-performance computer will find application across every industry sector and will be used by the widest possible number of companies. The computing platform should be seen as an enabling technology,” says Edward McDonnell, a director with CeADAR.

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