Irish firm lands €1m investment for fever detection device

By: May 29, 2020
Paddy Byrne Xenon CEO

The Carlow-based firm, Xenon, says it has obtained €1m in funding for its handsfree, infrared temperature testing device – Fever Defence.

The investment was made by New York-based venture capital firm, ATW Partners.

Fever Defence is a device that uses a thermal imaging camera and facial detection camera to test people’s temperature when they enter a building or site.

“The non-contact device measures skin temperature in less than one second, and is accurate up to ±0.3°C,” says Paddy Byrne, managing director of Xenon (above). “Once it reads the temperature, it alerts the person of the result using a red and green light stop-go system and an audible notification if a potential fever is detected.”

Employers around the world are looking to put new safety measures in place to protect their workplaces and their customers against the risk of COVID-19.