‘When business slows down, you paint the shop’

By: September 4, 2020
How to network brilliantly with Kingsley Aikins

If you feel a little introverted at the moment or a bit insecure about your place in the world, this is the video for you.

Do you miss the physical and social aspects of networking? Are you getting tired of the constant online meetings, the endless screens of talking heads?

We are all working and networking online now. For some, this is a good thing, for others, it is the cause of extreme frustration.

In this illuminating interview, Simon Haigh talks to Kingsley Aikens, a networking mentor and chief executive of The Networking Institute.

Simon asks Kingsley to examine how the ‘new reality’ has changed networking and how technology can empower effective networking.

Kingsley also explains how to network well and to realise how simple networking can transform your life.

He also offers many pieces of practical, sound advice in the face of the storms about to engulf the business world.

To watch or listen to more Simon Haigh ‘Inspired by’ interviews, where Simon talks with many international thought leaders simply visit SimonHaigh.com.

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