Learn to make money on the stock markets

By: August 1, 2017
learn to make money on the stock market

Do you trade shares and play the markets? Have you ever wanted to?

Share Navigator is an interesting platform that offers stock market training courses but what’s really interesting is the ‘real time practice account’.

You can create a simulated trading account and Share Navigator will “show you how to trade stocks and options in a real-time, real-world, risk-free environment”. In other words, you can practice in real time but without real money and see if you’re cut out to make cash on the markets.

There’s a free, one month trial and after that, you pay to be a member of the platform. It’s €49 per month for the ‘Training trader basic’ package and €99 per month for the ‘Trading trainer pro’ pack. Go here for more details.

Watch the intro video below.

Stock Market Investing made easy by Share Navigator from Share Navigator on Vimeo.

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