Reading someone’s body language is a superpower you can learn

By: April 10, 2021
learn how to read body language with Scott Rouse

The ability to read someone’s body language both fascinates and frightens us a little. It’s a bit like a superpower.

In this episode of ‘Mindful Leadership’, the sales strategist and sales coach Jason Cooper talks with Scott Rouse.

Rouse has worked in many extraordinary jobs as a behaviour analyst and body language expert and teaches people the skills of behaviour analysis and body language tactics. Read more here.

He has advanced interrogation skills, having been trained alongside the FBI, the Secret Service, and the US Department of Defense.

His is a consultant to law enforcement as well as CEOs and startups. He is also a Grammy-nominated producer.

In this discussion, Cooper and Rouse discuss many things, including:

How does someone become a body language expert?

Rouse recently did a web series where he analysed the body language of Donald Trump. What did he find? What is Donald Trump’s body saying?

Rouse also examined the body language of Prince Andrew during his disastrous Channel 4 interview. What was the Prince’s body language saying, or ‘shouting’ in his case?

Do high profile people, like political leaders, know that body language experts are examining them? And do they pay people to help them hide the truth that their body reveals?

Can Rouse give an example of a high profile person that he finds very difficult to read?

When it comes to leadership in business, what are the big mistakes in terms of body language for CEOs?

And finally, Rouse has often sat opposite a criminal. When he is studying someone accused of a serious crime, what is he looking for?

To find out more about Scott Rouse and the online courses he runs click here.

Article by Jason Cooper.

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