Revealed – the fastest accelerating electric car in the world

By: August 27, 2020
fastest electric car in the world

Nico Rosberg recently made it to Croatia to pick up his Rimac Automobili C_Two. The former Formula One World Champion is one of just 150 people worldwide that will own a C_Two.

What’s so special about the car? Quite a lot. Below are some mind-boggling stats.

It is the fastest road-legal car, in terms of acceleration, in the world. The advanced prototype can go from 0-100km per hour in 1.85 seconds.

However, to calm things down a bit, the Rimac C_Two will deliver a 0-100mph (161km/h) time of 4.3 seconds and a top speed of 258mph in final production form. It is driven along by an incredible 2,000 bhp.

The car is an electric car. There are four electric engines on the car, one for each wheel.

Former Aston Martin chief engineer, VP of vehicle engineering at Tesla and the lead of Apple’s special projects group, Chris Porritt, have also joined the Rimac team as chief technology officer, with the immediate focus on start-of-production for the C_Two.

Sustainability entrepreneur
Following an 11-year career in Formula One that saw him crowned World Champion in 2016, Nico Rosberg has embarked on a career as sustainability entrepreneur and investor in green technologies.

He has invested in more than twenty mobility start-ups as well as the all-electric Formula E championship. In 2019, he founded the Greentech Festival, a global platform for sustainable innovation and lifestyle.

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