Robot vacuum cleaners are brilliant for new dog owners

By: March 9, 2021
robot vacuum cleaners for new dogs puppy

It seems that everyone is getting new puppies and dogs these days. A new puppy is fun but makes quite a lot of mess. Is there an easy way to clean up after your puppy? Robot vacuum cleaners are a brilliant option for new dog owners.

If you want to treat yourself to less housework now that puppy has arrived, why not invest in a robot that can clean up after your little bundle of fur?

Animal robot vacuums are hugely popular in France and the US. Animal robot vacuum cleaners are specially designed for pet owners. These smart little devices roam the house during the day hoovering up any hair or spillages they find. They are blissfully quiet and easy to maintain. Put simply, an animal robot cleaner is designed to save you hours of cleaning and it does its best work while you are out of the house or asleep.

To buy one of these useful little robots simply click on the blue links.

The AMIBOT Animal XL H2O Connect (€399) is ideal for owners of large or long-haired pets. The controller app is available on Android and iOS. It can be managed remotely for a 100% restful household. Equipped with a gyroscope, it establishes a cleaning route to cover the entire surface. Its large 750ml dust container collects a large amount of debris and its suction nozzle allows strong suction without first tangling. The 300ml water tank allows water flow control to intelligently clean your floors.

The AMIBOT Animal Premium H2O (€299) is a vacuum and scrubber robot specially designed to get rid of pet hair and is suitable for homes with large surface areas. The Animal Premium H2O also benefits from variable daily programming to define different time slots during the week, according to your needs.

The AMIBOT Animal Motion (€699) is a powerful robot vacuum cleaner and floor mop. The brush is adapted to animal hairs and prevents them from tangling around. It has a powerful continuous suction thanks to the dust container with six cyclones. It has laser navigation and is ideal for cleaning hard floors.

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