Seven startups named for Dogpatch Lab’s NDRC accelerator

By: January 19, 2022
dogpatch labs

Dogpatch will run two NDRC accelerators in 2022, increasing the number of participating startups to 14 from an initial 11 in 2021.

The cohort for the H1 2022 accelerator includes seven startups, the majority of which are female-founded companies.

In addition to the cohort’s diversity, several participating founders are graduates of Dogpatch Labs’ NDRC feeder programmes and pre-accelerators.

The startups are:

Filter helps Asthma and COPD patients manage their condition through personalised insights using hardware-enabled health and condition data.
Two-time co-founders with Mechanical Engineering and Law backgrounds. Previously ran Neem, a not-for-profit entity providing microfinancing in Africa.

GreyScout solves the problem of IP infringing and counterfeit activity online by removing unauthorised content from the customer’s view.
CEO is Ex-KPMG CEO & Clavis Insights CTO (Acquired in 2017). A decorated startup tech founder who has worked in a couple of companies with successful exits.

Herd is a free-to-play social platform that lets fans predict, debate and compete on what happens next during sports events with their friends.
CEO & co-founder is an accredited solicitor who graduated from Entrepreneur First, a top UK talent accelerator—listed in Sports Business 30 Under 30.

Jama turns B2B sales reps’ messaging chats into their most potent sales weapon by using advanced NLP to provide conversation intelligence, analytics and insights.
Kerry-based co-founder & CEO with two international co-founders. Graduated from the top global talent accelerator (Antler).

öogo is a childcare marketplace that uses AI to connect people who need childcare with people who provide it thoughtfully.
Founder and CEO has 20 years of global sales and business development experience.

SQUID is a digital loyalty card platform that offers customers a single sign-up and partner businesses 3x higher engagement.
Co-founded by Civil Engineer and Sustainability academic scholars of the UCD Ad Astra programme, TCD and Berkeley.

Upskill Marketplace
Upskill Marketplace is a B2B marketplace that helps L&D and HR professionals find professional trainers and coaches for their teams.
Westport-based founder previously worked in L&D in a large procurement consultancy. Conceived her idea only nine months ago, going from NDRC Office Hours and Founder Weekend to our pre-accelerator, to now working on her startup full-time.

About Dogpatch Labs, Dublin
Dogpatch Labs’ mission is to accelerate the development of Ireland’s entrepreneurial ecosystem by providing a platform for entrepreneurship and innovation. Located in the historic CHQ building in the heart of the Dublin Docklands, it is home to over 120 startups and over 500 members from 30 countries.

Dogpatch Labs runs the NDRC, Ireland’s national startup accelerator programme, in partnership with regional hubs Portershed, Republic of Work, and RDI Hub.

The company is a proud member of Google for Startups (GfS), a global community of startup hubs. As the winner of Google’s Global Citizenship Award in 2017, Dogpatch Labs was recognised as one of the leading hubs in this global network.

Dogpatch Labs delivers corporate innovation programmes to a range of industry partners, including Ulster Bank, Google, ESB, Pivotal, Unilever and Alltech. One of its notable programmes is Alltech’s Pearse Lyons Accelerator, considered one of the top agtech programmes globally, with startups applying from 52 countries.

Listed as one of Crunchbase’s top 15 global startup incubators, Dogpatch Labs events, membership, and programmes have supported over 250+ startups and alumni over the last decade, who have raised a combined €490M+ and created over 2,000 jobs. These include Intercom, an Irish ‘unicorn’ valued at over €1 billion, which has established over 280 high-value jobs in Ireland.

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