Shoppers in Ireland spending €775 million a month online

By: October 9, 2020
how much do we buy online in ireland every years

2020 is the year of the lockdown, but it is also the year when online shopping dominated the retail economy.

Recent numbers and stats show that ‘bricks and mortar’ retailers are fast becoming irrelevant.

90% of people in Ireland bought something online in the past month, according to a study carried out for Virgin Media by Amárach Research.

Amazingly, 40% of these people shopped online for the first time since the pandemic began. The average online monthly spend by people in Ireland has hit €245.

The one-per cent
Four in 10 people said they spent up to €100 online in the past month, with a further grouping (40%) saying they spent between €100 and €500. Roughly 10% splashed out between €500 and €1,000, or more. One in 10 of the 1,000 people surveyed said they didn’t shop online in the past month.

Taking the above into account, the research estimates current average monthly online spending by consumers at €775 million per month or €9.3bn a year. “This is a conservative estimate given that an online Christmas rush will happen by year-end. Central Bank data recorded online spending of €15.9bn for the first three quarters of 2019,” says Virgin Media.

Virtual shopping
50% of people surveyed said they’d be interested in using their laptop or smartphone to navigate a ‘virtual supermarket’ for online shopping.

Four in 10 respondents also said they’d be interested in wearing a VR headset at home to allow them ‘walk around’ virtual stores to select and buy goods.

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