Social payment app Circle launches Groups

By: October 18, 2017
circle app money sharing

circle app money sharingThe social payment app Circle has launched Groups for friends and family to send and receive money in a group chat. With the introduction of Circle Groups, Circle is the only peer-to-peer payment app in Ireland that provides this group chat functionality globally and across currencies.

Circle has also launched ‘fast withdrawals’ which allows users to beam cash from Circle into a US bank account with zero waiting and zero fees. Circle is the first and only cross-border payments platform in the world to make this possible – for free. Other companies in the US that offer fast withdrawals charge for the benefit.

“This is the first time in history that people in Ireland, the UK and Europe can send money to the US, at no cost, with no FX markup, and have the funds received and available in the recipient’s bank account almost instantly”, says Jeremy Allaire, CEO and co-founder at Circle. “It’s finally possible for money to work the way the internet works for content.”


Groups are quick and easy to create. Simply tap the ‘New Chat’ button on the main messages screen and users will be prompted to select friends who are currently on their Circle friends list, or invite new friends to Circle by entering their phone number or email.

Groups can contain up to 20 people. Sign up to the Circle App at

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