The best mobile games available for download in 2022

By: June 8, 2022
best mobile games 2022

The vast majority of us own a smartphone these days, either to simply make calls and receive texts or to Tweet about a variety of issues that are occurring. Given the improvements made in the average smartphone device, mobile gaming has witnessed somewhat of a purple patch. In fact, mobile gaming’s overall package has never been so attractive.

Whether your operating system is Android or iOS, there is an extensive selection of games that can be downloaded within seconds from the App Store and Google Play. The options don’t end there, though, as many gamers continue to discover the very best mobile games. As such, smartphone gamers are now also accessing an array of casino titles, such as innovative products like a Spin a Win live game show, plus classic table games, alongside other browser titles that can be accessed through social media sites like Facebook. There are even console-quality titles being downloaded, too, further highlighting just how far mobile gaming has progressed in a relatively short period of time.

In 2022, game developers have shown no signs of slowing down. With new titles being released on a weekly basis, let’s assess some of the best games available for download on both iOS and Android.

Pokemon Go!
Even though Pokemon Go was released in 2016, Niantic’s product is still very much in high demand. One of the most innovative mobile games ever made, thanks to its augmented reality feature, players can immerse themselves in an outdoor environment as they aim to hunt down Pokemon, battle with fellow trainers, take down gyms, and walk distances in order to hatch eggs. Pokemon Go’s all-around offering makes it one of the best mobile games around today.

Among Us
Tasked with rumbling the killer in the pack as you fly through space on a spaceship, Among Us is one of the biggest mobile games ever created. Popular with friends and family, after each round, players vote on who they think the guilty party is. Roles can vary, too, with all players being presented with the opportunity of being the imposter at some stage. Survive the vote, and you’ll escape punishment.

Genshin Impact
Thanks to its glorious visuals and intriguing storyline, Genshin Impact is a go-to option for many smartphone gamers at the moment. Past reviews have compared Genshin Impact to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which is ultimately a compliment, although it perhaps lacks the detail of Zelda. Still, for a mobile title that involves exploring a fantasy world and making the most of its action-RPG mechanics, it’s a game that deserves a download. It’s free, too.

One of the aforementioned PC and console titles that are now thriving in the mobile gaming arena, Fortnite offers cross-platform play meaning that a player can indulge in a smartphone gaming session before finishing off that very same gaming marathon on another device without losing any progress. Fortnite is more than acceptable to play on a miniature handheld device, largely because it features the same cash shop players of the game are familiar with, but also because the controls and gameplay are basically the same. It might be worth purchasing a controller to enjoy the game to its maximum potential, though.

If you’ve ever dabbled in World of Warcraft, then you’ll potentially enjoy Hearthstone. The premier collectible card game for mobile platforms, there are plenty of cards to collect, from spells to characters. The game is constantly being also updated, making it an ever-changing and, therefore, mightily appealing product to get involved with.

Other games to sample include Wayward Souls and Clash Royale.

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