The equipment you need to make great Tik Tok videos

By: February 8, 2021
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Ever wonder how Tik Tok stars make such great looking videos? It’s quite simple, they use a few vital pieces of equipment and now, so can you.

Lights, camera action
Lighting is so important. Ring lights like the ‘Neewer Camera Photo Video Lighting Kit’ are the go-to lighting setup used by lots of professional YouTubers, and TikTokers. Just click on the image to buy.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on lights, something like a selfie ring light with tripod stand and smartphone holder (above) is a great piece of starter kit. Just click on the images to purchase.

Stabilise your camera
It’s essential to stabilise your camera when shooting a video. There are lots of gimbals that can do this, including this one which is pretty good value. The one below is also great value. Click on the image to buy.

Most vloggers and TikTokers use their smartphone cameras to shoot their videos. Smartphone cameras are brilliant these days and ideally suited for the job. However, if you want to go the extra mile and create a studio-like experience for your viewers, you can upgrade your camera to something like the Sony ZV-1.

Sound and vision
Sound is possibly the most critical component of a successful video. While your phone or camera may come with a built-in mic, if you are creating Tik Tok videos that involve a lot of talking to the camera, you will need a microphone kit. You can’t go wrong with a professional Lavalier lapel microphone. Click on the image to buy.

Why not create a professional studio vibe with a zinging backdrop? There are many cool backdrops available from retailers like Amazon.

The tricks of the trade
Most Tik Tok stars will spend time scripting and crafting the direction of their Tik Toks. While some videos are spontaneous wonder pieces, many of the top videos on Tik Tok are deliberate pieces of carefully crafted content. A useful guide is now available to buy. ‘How to become famous on Tik Tok’ explains how to get more likes and views on your videos, how to increase your fan base, and how to start making money on Tik Tok.

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